Terms & Conditions

General Terms

All products shown on our website should be in stock and available for dispatch. However we cannot guarantee that a particular product is no longer available if there is a sudden run on demand. Many of our products are supplied from smaller suppliers, a lot of which are out with the United Kingdom, which means it can be difficult to repurchase products quickly. If the product you require is out of stock or there will be a delay in you getting it, you will be informed immediately.

Our Contract with you

Once you have placed an order on our Website, we will send you an order acknowledgement by email setting out the item(s) you have ordered. This is an order acknowledgement only and not an acceptance of your order by us. A legally binding contract between you and us will only be formed when we email you to confirm that the items you ordered have been dispatched.

Pricing errors 

We reserve the right to change prices on our Website at any time without notice to you. We make every effort to ensure that prices shown are accurate when you place your order. If within 14 days of you placing your order on the Website, a pricing error is found in respect of any of the items you have ordered but which have not yet been dispatched, we will notify you as soon as possible and offer you the option of:

     · placing a new order at the correct price for the mis-priced item(s);

     · cancelling your order for the mis-priced item(s); or

     · cancelling the whole of your order.

If, within 7 days of receipt of our notice to you, you have not responded by selecting one of the available options above then:

     · if all of the items you have ordered are found to be mis-priced, the entire order will be cancelled automatically and we will refund you for any sum you have paid for those items; or

     · if only some of the items you have ordered are found to be mis-priced, we will deliver the correctly priced items but we will not supply you with the mis-priced items. In these circumstances we will refund you for any sum you have paid for the mis-priced items.

Items lost in the post

If an item should get lost in the post or a customer has highlighted to us that an order of theirs has not been received within the estimated time, a refund or exchange will only be given if the royal mail accepts the status of the parcel as missing. An investigation will take place by the royal mail which will take up to 30 days for UK orders and 90 days for International orders.

Product Quality

We have taken a lot of time ensuring the products on our website have been described correctly and the photos are of good colour quality and clear. However as most of our products are made from natural materials, some slight variations may occur, particularly in colour. If you feel the website descriptions or photos were inaccurate and you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us immediately either via our website or by calling 01224 641388.


When you have purchased the product you will then receive an email with details of the date the product will be mailed to you. Normally this will be within a maximum of one working day from receipt of purchase, though this may be extended over Bank Holidays and Christmas and New Year periods. Orders placed by phone will receive a response and confirmation via the phone. All items will be insured against damage or loss during posting.

Data Protection

We comply with all aspects of the data protection act of 1984 and the new act of 1998 and are as such registered with the data protection commissioner. We do not disclose details of our customers to any third party.